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Do I need sessions?

Maybe not! Many people have found "how your brain works" & the hypnotherapy track so helpful that they didn't need sessions afterwards, so have a look and see for yourself:

How your brain works:

How it works, where those problems come from and how to feel better again all explained here:

Free Hypnotherapy track:

  • Listen once a day to this relaxation, confidence & better sleep track (ideally at bedtime) - free to download!

  • No conscious listening effort required (so if your mind wanders / you fall asleep its fine, you still get all the benefits!)

  • As long as its safe to close your eyes, it's fine to listen any other time too

  • Please consult your GP before using this track If you have previously experienced symptoms of psychosis or schizophrenia

Book your Free Consultation

If you're interested in sessions or have any questions then book you free & relaxed phone consultation with the form below - we will reply ASAP with a slot(s) for you to confirm!

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