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Trauma Clinic Online

In association with Inspired Solutions Hypnotherapy

The #1 PTSD treatment is

"Quick, easy & painless" - PTSD UK

 No need to say what happenend! 

    Not even the type of trauma - "Closure without disclosure"!

 Any trauma removed

    Including severe, multiple & CPTSD

 Outstanding results

    From both individual & group sessions

"The most commonly mentioned effects that the rewind technique can have are:

  • increased confidence

  • no more flashbacks

  • more positive mood

  • ability to speak about the trauma without triggering alarm or difficulty

  • no more fear"


Save time & money

Save 10+ hours

Rewind Therapy:     1-3      x   25mins         ≈   50mins

EDMR:                   6-12    x   60-90mins     ≈ 675mins

CBT:                    12-16    x   50mins          ≈ 700mins

Save £750+

Rewind Therapy:     Unlimited sessions            £    75

EDMR:                   6-12    x   £70-120       ≈ £  855

CBT:                    12-16    x   £50-100       ≈ £1050

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100% convenient

Rewind Therapy:                      Available 24/7

EDMR:                                   Limited availability 

CBT:                                      Limited availability 

How it works:


Unlimited sessions


Discounts available for NHS, Emergency services, Military, Benefits & more!

Our sessions are online & use pre-recorded modules, so we can pass on the savings to you - this also means you can access sessions 24/7 at your convenience, including during those busy peak times!

Expert Medical Supervision

You will be assigned a Qualified Medical Practitioner from start to finish, so if you have any questions you'll be able to ask them anytime via email, message, phone or videocall if you like. 

We're here for you all the way starting from now, so if youhave any questions message us using the form below and we'll reply as soon as possible!

Book your session!

✓ 100% confidential

✓ Expert Medical Supervision

No need to describe the trauma

✓ Unlimited sessions for £75

✓ "Quick, easy & painless" - PTSD UK

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