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PTSD & Trauma removal from £30!

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PTSD & Trauma 

After a traumatic event we can experience high anxiety, destructive behaviour, nightmares, flashbacks and other unpleasant symptoms.

Good news: PTSD, traumas & their symptoms can be reversed in just 1 session, using a very safe and simple technique where you don't even need to say what happened!

What can it help with?

  • Simple phobias

  • Psychological bullying

  • Physical and sexual assaults (including rape and sexual abuse)

  • Car accidents

  • Muggings

  • Witnessing of critical incidents

  • Being trapped in confined places

  • War experiences 

  • Natural disasters

  • Any other traumatic experience


  • Safe

  • Fast

  • Painless

  • Highly effective

  • You don't need to say what happened!

How does it work?


The "Rewind" technique guides you through playing the memory forwards & backwards on a TV screen, in black and white, until the brain becomes desensitised and bored of it. Now it can be filed away during REM sleep just like all the other memories, and you can continue life as before! 

















How effective is it?



In one case study of 30 people with various trumas from the list above, medication & counselling hadn't resolved the issues (in some cases counselling had made them worse), and after they all tried the rewind technique:

93% rated it as "extremely successful" or "successful",

7%   rated it as "acceptable"

0%   rated it as "poor" or "a failure"

The 30 people were also asked to score their wellbeing before, 7-10 days after and 3-6 months after their rewind technique, and gave the following averages:

Prior to rewind:        12 / 50

7-10 days after:     30.3 / 50

3-6 months after:  32.2 / 50



This represents an average improvement of 168.3% (ie. 2½ times better) from their original wellbeing ratings.

Full details of this study & about the rewind technique here:

PTSD trauma and rewind explained 2.jpg

"The most commonly mentioned effects that the rewind technique can have are:

  • increased confidence

  • no more flashbacks

  • more positive mood

  • ability to speak about the trauma without triggering alarm or difficulty

  • no more fear

The fact that the treatment was quick, easy and painless was commented on by very many and most said they would recommend the method to others"


Reframe session


If you have a specific goal in mind for after your PTSD or Trauma removal then we can do a "Reframe" session to show your subconscious how we want to feel in that situation next time.


Reframing is optional & depending on your goal it may not be necessary, so we will discuss it during your consultation or you are always welcome to ask about it anytime by messaging me!

Complex phobias



Simple phobias like snakes, spiders and injections are very straightforward - the symptoms are only experienced around one specific thing, and are treated quickly and easily with rewinding.


Others like agoraphobia and driving can be more complicated, because the phobias are connected to other things and can impact many areas of life, even leaving us feeling unable to leave the house.

Complex phobias are due to our general anxiety & stress level overflowing, but the great news here is that btreating the anxiety we treat the phobia & all other symptoms at the same time - the difference is generally life-changing!



If you think you may have a complex phobia but you're not sure then try this quiz:

Complex phobia quiz.JPG

The more 4s and 3s in your answers, the more likely that the root of your problems is general stress & anxiety - feel free to drop me a message with your phobia and any other symptoms and I'll be happy to clarify things for you!


Chris, Swindon

Just to let you know everything is going great. I have booked our summer holiday to Majorca and I'm really looking forward to it. The hypnotherapy has worked incredibly well and feel no fear at all.

Becci, Bristol

Hi Robin. We had our scan yesterday. Baby is great. Blood test after was perfect! I couldn't have wished for anything more and I am shocked at the difference. I didn't make a sound, my heart wasn't racing, I wasn't uncontrollably sweating and shaking. I just looked away, took deep breaths and it was done! Unbelievable! Thank you so so much for everything. Sounds over the top but honestly, that for me is life changing. Thank you.

Alan, Exeter

I always looked forward to the sessions, they were always fun as well as helpful and I came away from them feeling very relaxed and happy. The sessions were so enjoyable that the fact that I'm no longer scared of spiders seems like an added bonus


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