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Memories are normally moved from short-term to long-term memory during REM sleep, but traumatic memories can get blocked and result in problems symptoms like:

💥 Nightmares & flashbacks
💥 Sleep problems
💥 Anxiety
💥 Avoiding things
💥 Drink/drugs to cope

"Rewind therapy" guides you through playing the memory forwards & backwards from a safe place until the brain becomes desensitised to it, so it can finally be filed away with all your other memories & you feel better!

Rewind Therapy:     1-3      x   30mins         ≈   60mins

EDMR:                   6-12    x   60-90mins     ≈ 675mins

CBT:                    12-16    x   50mins          ≈ 700mins

Rewind Therapy:     1 month unlimited           = £    75

EDMR:                   6-12    x   £70-120         ≈ £  855

CBT:                    12-16    x   £50-100         ≈ £1050

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Rewind Therapy:                                Available 24/7

EDMR:                                            Limited availability 

CBT:                                               Limited availability 

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