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PTSD test

The #1 PTSD treatment is

"Quick, easy & painless" - PTSD UK


 ✔ Any trauma treated

       Including severe, multiple & CPTSD

 ✔ Save time & money

       How will you spend it?

 ✔ Nothing to lose

       Your satisfaction or a full refund!

PTSD Therapy Online

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

A mental health condition which develops after experiencing / witnessing a traumatic event, and can result in symptoms including:

  • Nightmares & flashbacks

  • Sleep problems

  • Anxiety

  • Avoiding techniques

  • Unhealthy coping techniques such as substance abuse

What is the best therapy for PTSD?

Our Unlimited Rewind Therapy package is 6x more cost-effective & 10x faster than CBT & EMDR therapy for PTSD treatment:

Time (mins)

Which traumas can PTSD Therapy help with?

This incredible treatment can help with any traumatic experience, including:

  • Car accidents

  • Physical/Sexual abuse

  • Witnessing of critical incidents

  • War experiences

  • Loss

How effective is this PTSD treatment?

"The most commonly mentioned effects that the rewind technique can have are:

  • increased confidence

  • no more flashbacks

  • more positive mood

  • ability to speak about the trauma without triggering alarm or difficulty

  • no more fear

The fact that the treatment was quick, easy and painless was commented on by very many and most said they would recommend the method to others"


How does it work?

Memories are normally moved from short-term to long-term memory during your REM sleep, but traumatic memories can get blocked, resulting in issues including:


  • Nightmares & flashbacks

  • Sleep problems

  • Anxiety

  • Avoiding techniques

  • Unhealthy coping techniques such as substance abuse

​"Rewind" trauma therapy allows you to safely play a traumatic memory back and forth in your mind until your brain becomes desensitised to it and moves it to your long-term memory, allowing you to move forward without fear or anxiety again - the "Old You" is back!

For more information see our free "Rewind Therapy Guide":

Can I find a PTSD Specialist near me?

With Online therapy it's easy to have the Specialist you need because your session is done over the phone or computer – it’s a talking therapy so all we need is our voice, it’s equally effective from home, and online therapy actually has a number of benefits too including:


  • Save travel time

  • Cheaper

  • Safer

  • Superior options

  • After-session naps!


1-2-1 Session:


Unlimited Sessions:                     

Single 1-2-1 + Unlimited:





Additional discounts available for NHS, income support & more, ask for details

Our therapy sessions are online, 1-2-1 via phone/videochat or Unlimited using pre-recorded clinical content accessible 24/7 at your convenience, including during those busy peak times!

Money Back Guarentee

If you are not completely satisfied with our Unlimited Sessions package simply complete a quick feedback form within 30 days of your payment and we will give you a full refund - You have nothing to lose!

What are PTSD Clients saying?

“I went into the session full of scepticism, but I actually can’t believe the difference! I am so impressed, I feel completely different now”

“It has been remarkable. I’m surprised how much it has changed. It’s a relief. I wish this [Rewind] could have happened sooner.”

“You have allowed me to re order so many emotions, and put to bed memories that have haunted me for years. Words cannot describe how grateful I am, you’ve essentially given me my life back. I don’t feel broken any more.”

More reviews here

Do I have PTSD?

Get your PTSD score in ~4mins by taking our Free Clinical PTSD test below - results will display immediately afterwards.


Think about how your trauma has affected you over the last 7 days and answer the following questions:


 ✔ Any trauma treated

      Including severe, multiple & CPTSD

 ✔ Save time & money

      How will you spend it ?

 ✔ Nothing to lose

       Your satisfaction or a full refund!

Money Back Guarentee:

Your satisfaction or a full refund!

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