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Rewind Therapy research


"The most commonly mentioned effects that the rewind technique can have are:

• increased confidence

• no more flashbacks

• more positive mood

• ability to speak about the trauma without triggering alarm or difficulty

• no more fear

The fact that the treatment was quick, easy and painless was commented on by very many”

Human Givens Institute


The HGI did a study of 30 people with various traumas who had already tried other treatments - medication & counselling hadn't resolved their issues (in some cases counselling had made them worse), but after Rewind Therapy:

  •  93% rated it as "extremely successful" or "successful",

  •  7%   rated it as "acceptable"

  •  0%   rated it as "poor" or "a failure"

"Rewind is a consistently successful trauma treatment, with dramatic improvements in clients' wellbeing"

International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy

More than 100 individual clients were asked to score their PTSD symptoms before and after their Rewind therapy, and their average scores had fallen by:

  •  79% after 2 weeks

  •  93% after 3 months

"Rewind Therapy (RT) has become internationally recognised as an indispensable treatment for providing closure to those with PTSD"

You can review 100+ cases of trauma recovery with Rewind Therapy, including those above, on the IARTT website here

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