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Learning Reiki

  • Start using Reiki in days

  • Be a qualified therapist in 2 months (earn £30+/h!)

  • 60 day money back guarentee!

Online Reiki therapist course pic.JPG

Reiki 1 (beginner) - £100

Reiki 2 (practitioner) - £200

  • Learn both Eastern and Western teachings & be qualified in both lineages

  • Learn medical and scientific research supporting Reiki and energy medicine

  • Complete a Reiki record & 3 case studies to develop your connection & confidence as a therapist

  • Gain access to a global Reiki community online (Facebook group)​​

If you're not completely satisfied you can claim a full refund up to 60 days after your first attunement, and if you have any questions you can call / text / email me anytime! :)

Can I choose when to receive my Reiki attunements?

Yes, thanks to distance Reiki we have a lot of flexibility - I'll give you a form to tell me when you enrol above!  

Can I use Reiki even if I don't believe in it?

Yes, anyone can use it and there's no need to believe anything at all! Many people feel it strongest at Reiki 2 which is why I've included Reiki 1 & 2 together in the same course, so you can really take your time to get a feel for it and decide for yourself!

Can I ask you if I have a question?

Of course, you can email / text / call me anytime using the contact details at the bottom of the page!

Are the case studies hard?

Not at all, they're designed to get you into the habit of using Reiki (the best way to feel and develop your connection to it), and to help you feel confident and relaxed in offering it to others including as a professional therapist if you want to!

Can I have a sneak peek at the course?

Sure, here is a sample from the Reiki 1 course manual!

Reiki 1 sample manual:

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