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"After suffering with an anxiety disorder for some time, I visited Robin for Hypnotherapy. The results were almost immediate, using positive focus and trance he helped me restore my normal sleeping patterns and diminish the former anxiety. I would highly recommend his services to anyone."


Writer and Director of "A Little Bit OCD",

Ben Callon


“During consultations, Robin provides a clear and helpful explanation of how hypnotherapy works and how it can treat various problems. He is clearly passionate about helping people and provides a calming and relaxing experience in sessions.”


Dr. L. Otway


I started Hypnotherapy during one of the most difficult times in my life.  I lost my confidence, suffered anxiety, insomnia, extremely tearful and felt that I would never see my old self again.

I was very nervous about Hypnotherapy but thought I had nothing to loose.  Every week I could see the progress made and my friends and family have commented on seeing the old me again – but even happier, confident and outgoing.

I am now looking to start my own business, and looking to see what life has to offer me, I will no longer allow anything to knock me in the way it did before.

I highly recommend Robin and Hypnotheraphy, I leant a lot about how the brain works and understand why we have negative thoughts and how to overcome them.

Please do not let life get you down like it did me, please give this a go.

Thanks again Robin for all your help and support.




I was not sure what to expect or if Solution Focused Hypnotherapy would work. It has been brilliant my sleeping is better and my stress levels are much lower. Robin has been a patient calm and caring therapist. I would totally recommend Robin and this type of therapy. Thanks Robin



Hi Robin,


Thank you for all your help, I really appreciated it! I've learned some great techniques to help me relax and deal with my anxieties. I found you very friendly and instantly calming and would recommend the service to anyone.


Thanks again!



"I was hypnotised for my fear of spiders. Robin was excellent, in the initial consultation he explained what I should expect from the sessions and put my mind at ease by giving me lots of interesting information about phobias and the hypnotherapy process. He was very friendly and professional.


I always looked forward to the sessions, they were always fun as well as helpful and I came away from them feeling very relaxed and happy. The sessions were so enjoyable that the fact that I'm no longer scared of spiders seems like an added bonus."




For a few months before going to see Robin I was wavering between going and not going, but I was so glad that I did. Even after the initial consultation, I left feeling on top of the world. The whole experience was relaxing and friendly there was no commitment to sessions beyond my next appointment and I was free to end the sessions whenever I felt ready. Although I only attended a few sessions subtle changes in my lifestyle and Outlook continue to develop. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy at Old Town to anyone who is “stuck” in same old behaviours thanks Robin! X




Just to let you know everything is going great. I have booked our summer holiday to Majorca and I'm really looking forward to it. The hypnotherapy has worked incredibly well and feel no fear at all. I also find it's helping me in other areas as well, my golf has improved no end, just learning how the brain works and controlling it and avoid using the hippocampus. I'll let you know how the summer holiday goes regards




Thank you so much. I just wanted to say that coming to your sessions helped me so much I had so many issues, and I am amazed at how different I feel now, I would recommend this amazing experience, to anyone who is going through a confusing time, once again thank you




Dear Robin,


Thanks you so much for helping me change my life around. Owning to the excellent skills you hold, hypnotherapy has released all the stress in which I held. I am now able to focus on every day life. My family and friends have noticed a huge difference in me. I am now enjoying life again.


Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart



So good and relaxing, my stress levels are much less. I don’t get cross or upset so often & my timekeeping has improved hugely. Also my spelling has improved. I wanted to get my mind in a good place to lose weight, as my weight was creeping up & up. I lost a stone quickly and not put the weight back on, not even over Christmas. If I did briefly put on a few pounds I didn’t stress about it, in the past I would’ve been very stressed. It doesn’t feel like a diet, I’m not thinking of food all the time, just a change in attitude to food most of the time. I can do so many things again i.e. reach my feet, run for a bus etc. Highly recommended.




Hi Robin. We had our scan yesterday. Baby is great. Blood test after was perfect! I couldn't have wished for anything more and I am shocked at the difference. I didn't make a sound, my heart wasn't racing, I wasn't uncontrollably sweating and shaking. I just looked away, took deep breaths and it was done! Unbelievable! Thank you so so much for everything. Sounds over the top but honestly, that for me is life changing. Thank you. Becci




Hypnotherapy has given me a new perspective on anxiety. I feel more relaxed and able to manage everything. It has also reinforced the positive steps I can take to keep stress levels low. Robin is very enthusiastic and positive. I definitely recommend an initial free consultation, it has been very helpful for me.




Hypnotherapy has been a great tool for me to put aside negative emotions and focus on the positives in life. I recently took a trip to America which I didn't see possible before the treatment due to my anxiety in certain situations. It has also helped with my confidence in my work life and also tricky social situations that have occurred. I feel much more positive about the future.



Hi Robin,


Thank you for all your help. You helped me through a particularly stressful phase of my life, but week after week your tips and our sessions soon started to make a noticeable difference. 


My anxiety subsided which resulted in better sleep (which was a huge issue of mine) and an overall happier me. 


You were so calming and welcoming, I would recommend you without question. 


Thank you for helping me find 'me' again :)


Kind regards


After struggling with sleep and anxiety issues for over a year I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. I have been thrilled with the results, as after a course of sessions I now sleep much better and know how to control my anxiety. Robin is really easy to talk to and makes you feel completely at ease. He has introduced me to a range of relaxation techniques that I can now carry on using indefinitely. It's been really interesting learning about how the brain  works, and being shown different ways I can take back control over my thoughts and behaviours. Thank you Robin! 



Robin was both patient and understanding with regards to my issue, and ensured I always focussed on the desired outcome. Robin put me on the right path and my personal life has benefitted as a result.”



Robin is an exceptional hypnotherapist who has an amazing relaxing aura about him that makes you feel at ease and comfortable as soon as you are in his company. I sought help from Robin for social anxiety and after a number of sessions, his expertise has enabled me to move forward with techniques and a mindset that has significantly improved my condition. Highly recommended!


Having not had hypnotherapy before I wasn’t sure what to expect or even if the outcome would be beneficial.  However from my first meeting with Robin I was instantly put at ease with his calm and open approach.  My goal was to improve my confidence within the work place and to have a more of a general calm and confident approach to my life .Using techniques that I can incorporate in my daily routine and weekly sessions over a few months I can honestly say that I have more than met my original goals and continue to  ensure that I am able to reduce my stress and anxiety levels remaining calm and confident on a daily basis.  I would recommend Robin without question.  Thank you.



A few weeks ago I became quite suddenly too scared to drive my car my car down any steep hill: since I live at the bottom of a valley, this was obviously disabling, and there was a point when we thought we would have to sell up and move. A friend kindly gave me some driving lessons, but this didn't help. Someone else told me that this was the start of dementia and that I should go to the GP to get treatment.

Luckily, my daughter told me about Robin and I undertook a course of hypnotherapy. After a few weeks I was able to drive - slowly - down hill again. I also benefited in other ways: I became more positive and started sleeping better.

I have no doubt that my recovery was thanks to Robin and I am very grateful to him for getting my life back on track.


I was almost at the point where I was so upset and sleep deprived all the time I wanted to go on medication. I thought as a last attempt I’d try some hypnotherapy. It allowed me to take time out everyday for myself and changed my mindset. I am sleeping on the whole a LOT better and feeling a lot more positive in general. Would definitely recommend giving it a go.


Thanks again x 


From the initial consultation, and throughout my sessions with Robin, he made me feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. He explained what I should expect from the sessions, and what was driving my fears/anxiety. This was described to me in a way which made it easy to understand. 

Throughout the sessions Robin continued to be dedicated and professional with his approach and it felt like i was talking to a friend rather than somebody i'd never met before. 

The Hypnotherapies worked better than I thought, and I put that down to the mentoring and ongoing support provided by Robin.

I would highly recommend Robin to all. Even if you are sceptical (like i was at the start), it is 100% worth a go, you have nothing to lose! 

Thanks again Robin for your help and support, and i will miss our weekly phone calls

Take care,


Thanks very much for your commitment, guidance and time, it is much appreciated


I contacted Robin following three years of intermittent surgery during which time I recognised that I needed a confidence boost to assist my full recovery.  I researched options for Hypnotherapy and decided that the distance option with follow up recordings were the best route for me.  

I found Robin to be very personable and helpful.  He inspires motivation which helped to assist me in completing the mini tasks towards my goal and moving me forward.  In just a few sessions I had progressed to return to being ‘me’ once again.  The recordings were a lovely relaxing bonus which I enjoyed and were definitely needed in my ‘non stop’ lifestyle!


Thank you Robin 


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