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Anxiety Hypnotherapy from £30!


What is it?

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Symptoms include:

Mental symptoms

  • feeling tense or nervous

  • being unable to relax

  • worrying about the past or future

  • feeling tearful

  • not being able to sleep

  • difficulty concentrating

  • fear of the worst happening

  • intrusive traumatic memories

  • obsessive thoughts

Physical symptoms

  • faster/irregular/noticeable heartbeat

  • feeling lightheaded and dizzy

  • headaches

  • chest pains

  • loss of appetite

  • sweating

  • breathlessness

  • feeling hot

  • shaking

Changes in behaviour

  • not being able to enjoy your leisure time

  • difficulty looking after yourself

  • struggling to form or maintain relationships

  • worried about trying new things

  • avoiding places and situations that create anxiety

  • compulsive behaviour, such as constantly checking things

Symptoms of a panic attack

If you experience sudden, intense anxiety and fear, it might be the symptoms of a panic attack. Other symptoms may include:

  • a racing heartbeat

  • feeling faint, dizzy or lightheaded

  • feeling that you're losing control

  • sweating, trembling or shaking

  • shortness of breath or breathing very quickly

  • a tingling in your fingers or lips

  • feeling sick (nausea)

A panic attack usually lasts 5 to 30 minutes. They can be very frightening, but they're not dangerous and should not harm you.

Things that can help

  • Talking about your feelings to a friend, family member, or the Samaritans by calling 116 123 / emailing:

  • Exercise – activities such as running, walking, swimming and yoga can help you relax

  • Calming breathing exercises

  • A healthy diet with regular meals to keep your energy levels stable

  • Therapies like Clinical Hypnotherapy

How many Hypnotherapy sessions would I need?

It varies from client to client, but for Anxiety people generally require 6-12 sessions. 

You the client tell me when you've made the progress you wanted to, so it's pay as you go for just as long as you need!

Who would my Hypnotherapist be?


My name is Robin, I hold a Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD - the “Gold Standard” of Hypnotherapy) which I earned at the prestigious Clifton Practice, Bristol, and I have been a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist since May 2013.

Since then I've helped hundreds of clients professionally with Anxiety, Depression and more at weekly clinics in Exeter, Bristol, Swindon & Online, completed additional training in specialist areas including PTSD, Weight Management and Sleep, and given talks, lectures and workshops in the UK and overseas.


It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you might have and help you, so feel free to ask me anything in complete confidence using the form below! 😊

Robin Smidowicz

HPD DHP Clinical Hypnotherapist

What do people say?

"After suffering with an anxiety disorder for some time, I visited Robin for Hypnotherapy.


The results were almost  immediate, using positive focus and trance he helped me restore my normal sleeping patterns and diminish the former  anxiety. I would highly recommend his services to anyone."

Ben Callon, "A Little Bit OCD"

“During consultations, Robin provides a clear and helpful explanation of how hypnotherapy works and how it can treat various problems.


He is clearly passionate about helping people and provides a calming and relaxing experience in sessions.”

Dr. L. Otway, Exeter

“My anxiety subsided which resulted in better sleep (which was a huge issue of mine) and an overall happier me”

- Grace

“I learnt why we have negative thoughts and how to overcome them” - Nile

“I am amazed at how different I feel now, I would recommend this amazing experience to anyone”

- Gwen

Cost (all sessions via phone / zoom)

Phone Consultation:

Regular session:

Half & half session:




Discounts available for NHS, Military, Benefits & more

"Half & half" session - half live with therapist & half recording, saving you money!


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