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Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a highly-effective talking therapy for many things - here are 20 benefits of hypnotherapy!

20 benefits of Hypnotherapy:

1.Reduces anxiety & stress

Modern living can leave us stressed out and worried about all kinds of things, but Hypnotherapy can help you replace negative and harmful thoughts with positive and helpful ones, leaving you relaxed and confident to achieve your goals!



2.Helps with weight management

With so many delicious treats available to us it can be easy to over-induldge, and with social expectations we can feel pressure to lose weight to look a certain way. If your relationship with food is out of control then Hypnotherapy can help you get it back fast!



3. Reduces pain

Our mental state has a huge effect on how we experience pain, and Hypnotherapy can help your mind to eliminate it now and in the future!


4.Improves sleep

Whether you're having trouble getting to sleep, waking up in the night / too early in the morning, or finding it hard to wake up when you need to, Hypnotherapy can help to sleep better fast and feel fresh again!


5.Increases confidence and self-esteem

Hypnotherapy is very helpful in replacing negative ideas & expectations about ourselves with positive ones, and when we feel the difference people see it too, which helps us to feel even more confident! 


6.Treats phobias and fears

Fears and phobias held in the subconscious can be processed quickly and easily with Hypnotherapy, so things that wereonce really problematic are just like all the other things we're ok with - great for flights, needles etc!



7.Enhances sports performance

Top sports professionals understand the role their mind plays in their success, and how visualising what you want trains the subconscious to expect and deliver these things - with Hypnotherapy we can take your sports performance to the next level!



8.Treats depression

When we're feeling low even the simplest of tasks can feel difficult - Hypnotherapy understands this and explains where these feelings are coming from, how to easily produce the Serotonin that brings you back to life, and how to stay on top for good!


9.Supports grief and loss recovery

Grief and loss are a part of life but that doesn't make them any easier - fortunately Hypnotherapy does through helping your subconscious to feel better, to adapt to lifes challenges in a positive way, and to be tcoping well enough to support others in hard times.


10.Improves sexual functioning

Sex can be such a great source of pleasure, but when things aren't feeling right it can also be a source of stress and worry that can impact on our relationships - Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious to get things working smoothly again fast!


11.Boosts motivation and productivity

Is motivation sometimes a problem for you? If so Hypnotherapy can help - by enhancing the way your conscious and subconscious are thinking about things, you can quickly feel more motivated to do those helpful & important things and achieve your goals!


12.Quitting smoking

Finding it hard to quit? Hypotherapy can help your subconscious see the light in just 1 session, so that you'll be too busy enjoying all the other positive things in your life to even remember it!


13.Helps with anger management

Do you sometimes find yourself tense or losing your temper? Pent up anger can affect our mental and physical helath, and outbursts can cause more problems - Hypnotherapy can help you to feel relaxed and channel your energy in positive ways that improve your life!

14.Improves self-awareness and personal insight

It's easy to go through life without noticing things - opportunities, connections, the way our own wandering thoughts are affecting us... with Hypnotherapy you will become more aware of the roots of problems, and also the solutions and golden opportunities in life!

15.Supports addiction recovery

If you have / are currently experiencing any form of addiction, then there are likely times when you feel tempted to follow that urge even though you knows it's a bad idea... with Hypnotherapy we help you replace those bad impulses & habits with positive ones for good!

16.Reduces symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

In the same way that we treat phobias quickly, we can treat traumas and PTSD symptoms in as little as 1 session - there is no need to discuss or describe the trauma, so you can relax knowing that it will soon be in the past with all the other memories of your life!


17.Improves memory and concentration

When the mind is stressed and chaotic it's less effective at focusing and remembering things - with Hypnotherapy we help you to relax deeply on all levels which gives memory and concentration a nice boost!


18.Enhances relationship satisfaction

When you are in a better place you are much more likely to relate to others in a positive way, resulting in more positive interactions and satisfying relationships - little things can make a big difference and Hypnotherapy can help with these!


19.Supports overall wellness and quality of life

All these benefits come together at the same time, which helps your mind & body to be balanced and work together in harmony - by improving your general health & wellbeing with Hypnotherapy you protect yourself against many problems and feel better instead!

20.Long-term benefits

Through the repeated and sustained positivity that Hypnotherapy brings, we develop long-term habits and benefits which help us to be more resilient, prone to positivity and happier for the rest of our lives!

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