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Online sessions from £30!

Online Hypnotherapy

What is "Online" Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy, so all we need to do it is our voices - sessions are done just as successfully over the phone & videochat, and there are so many advantages that many clients actually prefer them to in-person sessions!

15 advantages of Remote Hypnotherapy:

1.Save money

Online therapy is often cheaper because your travel costs are removed, and many of us therapists offer reduced rates for remote therapy (myself included) because we save money on room hire and are happy to pass those savings on to help you!



2.Save time

Travelling to and from your therapist can take anything from 30mins to 2+ hours, and while it can be absolutely worth it, saving that time and having it for other positive things can be a therapeutic boost in itself!




The chances of catching or spreading covid are obviously much lower when you’re not physically mixing with others, and those potential additional testing and isolation issues are eliminated with remote sessions which can save you additional time and money!


4.Get help faster

It's quick and easy to book a consultation online and get started ASAP!


5.Rural areas

If you live in a rural area you may not have the best therapy options nearby, and travelling to the right therapist can be inconvenient - with online hypnotherapy you can have the best help without even leaving the house!



6.Better options

Even living in a busier area you might not have exactly what you're looking for, but with remote hypnotherapy you have access to the best therapists in the whole world - you'll soon be able to find the right person for your needs!



7.Better availability

Another advantage of the huge range of online therapists available to you is the improved availability - if one therapist is fully booked at your required time another might be available, so instead of going on a waiting list you can start feeling better ASAP!




If you have any special access needs, or can find it difficult even when access arrangements are in place, then online therapy could be perfect for you - whatever your body is saying you can feel relaxed and confident in the knowledge that you’ll arrive on time with no worries every time!



It's natural that we might not want to talk to people about our personal problems, and we may even feel the need to tell people we're doing something else when we go to see a therapist to keep it to ourselves - remote therapy can be done anywhere with a phone or internet connection, making it much easier to find somewhere discreet for a session!



The thought of an extra journey, or getting home late after a long day can feel demotivating, especially when it’s dark, rainy or cold outside, and if we're already finding things hard this doesn't help - the option of having those home comforts AND the session can therefore be very encouraging and helpful in achieving your goals!


11.(Social) Anxiety

It's natural to feel a little nervous about the unknown when meeting someone new to do something personal, and though I've described what to expect with me here it's still perfectly normal to feel nervous, especially if the thing we’d like help with is (social) anxiety! 

This is another area where online hypnotherapy shines, because you can be in the comfortable & safe space of your own home, with someone there with you if you like (even a pet or Teddy!), minimising the new and unfamiliar things - removing that barrier can really help you to relax and see how to feel better fast!


12.Holidays & travelling

If you need to go away for work / holiday / other travel plans then it can be impossible to maintain in-person sessions with your regular therapist - remote hypnotherapy allows you to continue your sessions if you want to, which can help you to feel relaxed and confident about the process and seeing things through!



Protecting the environment is becoming more and more important as temperatures continue to rise, so it can be comforting to know that you're not using any transport to access your therapy sessions - supporting the environment while you support yourself!

14.Maintaining progress

When a session is only a phonecall away it's much easier to fit it in, even if life has other ideas & last-minute surprises for you - being able to maintain regular sessions helps you to maximise your progress and feel better sooner!

15.After-session powernaps

Clients are quite relaxed at the end of a clinical hypnotherapy session, and they have often said it would be great if they could have a little nap afterwards… well now you can! 


In a therapy room there's always a next client to prepare for, but with online therapy in the comfort of your own home I can leave you to rest until your alarm wakes you up - this has been particularly popular with chronic pain & sleep clients!

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