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The #1 PTSD treatment is

"Quick, easy & painless" - PTSD UK


✔  Any trauma treated

     Including severe, multiple & CPTSD

  No need to say what happenend

     Not even the type of trauma - "Closure without disclosure"

✔  Outstanding results

     From both individual & group sessions

Which traumas can Rewind Therapy help with?

Rewind Therapy can help with any traumatic experience, including:

  • Car accidents

  • Physical/Sexual abuse

  • Witnessing of critical incidents

  • War experiences

  • Loss

How does Rewind Therapy work?

Memories are normally moved from short-term to long-term memory during REM sleep, but traumatic memories can get blocked, resulting in issues including:


  • Nightmares & flashbacks

  • Sleep problems

  • Anxiety

  • Avoiding techniques

  • Unhealthy coping techniques such as substance abuse

​Rewind therapy allows you to safely play a traumatic memory back and forth in your mind until your brain becomes desensitised to it and moves it to your long-term memory. This allows you to move forward without fear or anxiety.

How effective is Rewind Therapy?


"The most commonly mentioned effects that the rewind technique can have are:

increased confidence

• no more flashbacks

• more positive mood

• ability to speak about the trauma without triggering alarm or difficulty

• no more fear

The fact that the treatment was quick, easy and painless was commented on by very many”


Unlimited Sessions:

30min sessions needed (avg.):



*Free sessions by invitation only, in exchange for your PTSD scores and feedback 

Our sessions are online & use pre-recorded clinical content accessible 24/7 at your convenience - including during those busy peak times!

Why choose Rewind Therapy?

Rewind Therapy is significantly faster and more cost-effective than other treatments such as EMDR and CBT:

Time (mins)

What are people saying about Rewind Therapy?

“I went into the session full of scepticism, but I actually can’t believe the difference! I am so impressed, I feel completely different now”

“It has been remarkable. I’m surprised how much it has changed. It’s a relief. I wish this [Rewind] could have happened sooner.”

“You have allowed me to re order so many emotions, and put to bed memories that have haunted me for years. Words cannot describe how grateful I am, you’ve essentially given me my life back. I don’t feel broken any more.”

More reviews here

What's your PTSD score?

To find out if you have PTSD/how severe this is, think about how your trauma has affected you over the last 7 days and click the link below.

This test should take no more than 4 mins and results will display immediately afterwards

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