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Student Exclusive: PTSD & Trauma therapy for FREE!

Student offers

Free Rewinds

Clinical Hypnotherapy

It can help with anxiety, depression, sleep & more - download your free clinical hypnotherapy track & enjoy clinical sessions from only £15! More

PTSD & Trauma Therapy


Rewind Therapy typically removes traumas in1-3 sessions: easy, no need to say what happened, and for you completely FREE!  More

  • Free - Unlimited sessions (apply in form below)

  • £50 - Unlimited sessions for friends (60% off)


Reiki is a type of "palm healing" - learn to give it to yourself & others in just a day, and become a therapist for just £100 (& earn £25-50+/h!)  More

  • Free - Reiki 1 sample handbook

  • Free - 10min remote Reiki taster session

  • £35 - Reiki 1 (beginner level) course (30% off)

  • £65 - Reiki 2 (practitioner level) course (35% off)


Regression & Progression

Discover fascinating medical evidence of life after death, and even your own past life memories - try regression for FREE!  More

Choose your offers:

Clinical Hypotherapy
PTSD & Trauma Therapy
Regression & Progression
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