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If you want to make positive changes then great news: you can learn about Hypnotherapy, ask a hypnotherapist or book a phone consultation all for FREE!

Whatever your needs or interests I'm confident that you'll find something helpful here, so enjoy and if you have any Qs then just ask! 🙂

Best wishes,

Robin Smidowicz

HPD DHP Clinical Hypnotherapist
About me

About me:

I hold a Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD - the “Gold Standard” of Hypnotherapy) which I earned training at the prestigious Clifton Practice, Bristol, and I've been a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist since March 2014.

Since then I've helped hundreds of clients professionally with Anxiety, Depression and more at weekly clinics in Exeter, Bristol, Swindon and online, completed additional training in specialist areas including PTSD, weight management and immunology, and given talks, lectures & workshops in the UK and overseas.

I completed additional Hypnotherapy training for Regression & Progression with Karen E Wells (formerly of The Newton Institue) in 2015, and have been a Reiki teacher since training at The Reiki Academy London, in 2012.

I feel very lucky to have learnt such helpful things and I would be very happy to share them with you!


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