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Learning Reiki

  • Start using Reiki in days

  • Be a qualified therapist in 3 months (£30+/h)

  • 90 day money back guarentee!

Reiki 1 manual:

Attunements booking form:

Reiki 1 coursework:

  • Course includes both Reiki 1 (beginner) and 2 (practitioner) levels

  • Reiki 1 manual received upon payment (free sample manual below)

  • Confirm dates & times you wish to receive your attunements to start using Reiki

  • Complete 3 case studies and simple coursework to become a fully qualified Reiki therapist!


If you're not completely satisfied you can request a full refund up to 90 days after your first attunement, and any questions you can email, text or call me anytime! :)

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